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AIM SPOTLIGHT: SEO and Your Dental Practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing tactic that focuses on directing organic or non-paid traffic to your website by having it rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for popular keywords and phrases. The most common search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) show a list of search results. Many businesses hire SEO specialists to create content with keywords that search engines deem relevant to their target audience. In general, the more relevant the keywords, the greater the chance of the website’s content appearing at or near the top of that search engine’s top results. This is the first step toward getting your dental practice noticed by prospective patients who may be using the Internet to locate a dentist nearby.

SEO can be an efficient and valuable way to connect with the growing number of patients who are searching for a dental office online.

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4 Reasons SEO is Important to Your Dental Practice
Engaging in even basic dental marketing can dramatically improve your practice’s reach. SEO makes up an important component of effective dental marketing.
1. SEO exposes you to the right people
SEO connects you with people who are already looking for dentists just like you at any given moment. A comprehensive dental marketing campaign that includes proper use of SEO will lead people directly to your website. The “Big Three”: Google Yahoo! And Bing control a large percentage of all Internet traffic. SEO enlists these search engines to recommend your page! Without SEO targeting the three big search engines, your company will likely be lost in a sea of other websites.
2. SEO widens your practice’s reach
In addition to attracting prospective patients in and around your practice, SEO allows you to reach a bigger and broader audience. SEO helps you to deliver relevant information about your dental practice, and dental medicine in general. For patients looking for specialty services, SEO works even better. If you offer services e.g. dental sleep medicine, IV sedation, implant placement, or other procedures not offered by your local peers, SEO can help put you in direct contact with patients seeing exactly the services you provide.
3. SEO gives you a better ‘look’ at your audience
SEO can also help you gain insight into what your audience is looking for. By knowing your community’s preferences, you can adjust your offering to be in better alignment with your desired audience. As you adjust your SEO, you’ll stay abreast of what’s ‘on-trend’ by reading their reviews for industry-related products and services. This allows you to judge and personalize the best SEO for your dental practice.
4. SEO gives you a peek into what your competition is up to
Any comprehensive dental marketing plan needs to keep up with the competition. By regular monitoring practices that consistently appear in the top results, you are able to gauge what your target audience is looking for and how your content ranks among content provided by similar practices. By seing what your peers are doing online, you can more easlily determine what makes the most sense for your pratice.
As more dental patients turn to the Internet as their first step in find a dentist, you can use SEO to help them consider you before others in your area. A properly configured and professionally managed SEO campaign will position you to harness the potential of this powerful practice building tool.
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