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Artisan Dental

Artisan Dental Becomes First Carbon Neutral General Dental Practice in United States

Artisan Dental, a PCIHIPAA client based in Madison, Wisconsin announced that they are the first carbon-neutral general dental practice in the United States. Artisan Dental plans to purchase carbon offset credits from the Green Trees reforestation program, which will plant new forests to sequester carbon, restore biodiversity, clean and restore watersheds.

“The whole process puts an organization in tune with its energy usage because you are assessing all of the different types of energy your organization uses from electricity to heating and cooling,” Scott Anderson Co-founder & Director of Stakeholders Stewardship Artisan Dental.

“Through that process, an organization can identify ways to save energy and money simultaneously.”

Artisan Dental also said the decision to go carbon neutral can benefit a practice’s efforts for customer and employee attraction and retention. Research shows that customers are thinking more globally about their social and environmental impact and looking for businesses that do the same.

“It is clear over the last 5 years that the effects of climate change are making themselves felt and we felt like this is something that is really important for us to do as an organization,” Scott said.

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“Going carbon neutral is relatively straightforward to do in terms of assessing your carbon footprint and then just offsetting that in a variety of ways.”

This is also part of Artisan Dental’s larger business model to be informed by the conscious capitalism movement where the goal is to always try and maximize profit at every turn and add value to each of the stakeholders connected to their business. Artisan Dental thinks of 5 stakeholders in this process: patience, team members, allied supplier/contractors, community, and of course the environment.

Besides going carbon neutral the practice has been doing multiple other practices to help the environment, such as creating an artisan dental recycling plan where patients can bring their toothpaste tubes floss containers, toothbrushes, and deodorant containers to the office and Artisan Dental can send the materials to their partners, who recycles them into new products.

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