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Helping Navigate HIPAA Compliance In Uncertain Times

Case Study: Helping Navigate HIPAA Compliance in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the business model for medical, therapeutic, and dental practices nationwide, including day-to-day operations and how to navigate HIPAA compliance. 


With more stringent HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI guidelines that change regularly based on new directives, medical practices must be responsive to every change. Failure to adhere to compliance guidelines can potentially lead to:

Having an all-in-one compliance package helps practices stay responsive and protect their patients every step of the way.

The following PCIHIPAA clients that have used OfficeSafe to launch their business while operating within compliance measures and implementing best-practices every step of the way:

Family Dental Practice

A dental practice was forced to completely shut down for months during the pandemic. This presented the possibilities of severe financial hardship, fines, and potential liability issues.

Physical Therapy/Spa Treatment Center

The manager for a physical therapy/spa treatment center had a lot of questions and concerns about how HIPAA applies to their operations. Because they are not a traditional doctor’s office, they were using a variety of different vendors for compliance, but had no guarantee that their compliance was 100% or whether there were unaddressed responsibilities that left their business vulnerable.


Here’s how PCIHIPAA resolved compliance issues for our customers as well as simplifying the business aspects of each medical practice:

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Family Dental Practice

By working with PCIHIPAA, the dental practice was able to work out a payment package to financially assist their operations during a very rough period while still ensuring coverage throughout the stressful ordeal. Additionally, PCIHIPAA was able to direct the client to a myriad of eligible government grants and other financial assistance programs set up to assist medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physical Therapy/Spa Treatment Center

PCIHIPAA was able to explain that the spa was responsible for protecting patient info according to HIPAA guidelines. Once understood, PCIHIPAA helped implement OfficeSafe’s seamless compliance measures. 

And once they were comfortable with OfficeSafe’s all-in-one solution, they were able to avoid dealing with multiple vendors in a very stressful, frustrating way.

OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA simplifies compliance in an all-in-one comprehensive package. The following are some of its most valuable features for healthcare providers:

    • Adaptability: OfficeSafe has the capability to help small practices and large enterprises for all of their needs.
    • Simplified Compliance: PCIHIPAA offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliance solution that removes the guesswork and constant revision of office policies. This includes such instances as audits by HHS (Health and Human Services) and Merchant Processing (PCI Compliance) with OfficeSafe Pay (a platform designed to save money on excessive credit card processing fees)
    • Responsive to Ongoing HIPAA/PCI/OSHA Updates: OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA is designed to help create internal policies and procedures according to HIPAA’s Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program
  • Ongoing IT/Network Support and Evaluation: PCIHIPAA provides a number of network and IT solutions, including:
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Email Encryption & Encrypted Cloud-Based Data Backup
  • Evolving Cybersecurity Measures: PCIHIPPA’s HIPAA compliance solution offers proper preparation that includes:
    • Data backup plan
    • Data restoration plan
    • Business associate management documentation (for ePHI security)
    • Emergency mode operations plan
    • Incident Management in accordance with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule.
  • Preventing Potential Liability Issues: PCIHIPAA offers $500,000 in Cyber Insurance Coverage, continual risk assessments, and streamlined staff training. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Monthly and annual rates are available that outperform other comparable HIPAA compliance solutions on the market. 


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical practices need a responsive and comprehensive solution for compliance and general operations. OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA streamlines these processes and goes beyond other services. Whether your practice needs network monitoring, point-of-sale system protection, cyber security for patient data, and more, OfficeSafe is trusted by 1,000’s of healthcare professionals nationwide.

Discover how your practice will become more efficient and effective by taking your free HIPAA Risk Assessment or schedule a demonstration today.

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