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Case Study: OfficeSafe Facilitates Business and Streamlines HIPAA Compliance

Modern medical practices need to streamline HIPAA compliance for every aspect of their business, protecting patient data and ensuring a safer operation for minimal business interruption.

HIPAA compliance involves staying up-to-date on the newest guideline changes and constant oversight across the entire practice – from networks, point-of-sale systems (PCI compliance), workplace safety (OSHA compliance), and more.

In response to healthcare demand for optimal operation within guidelines, PCIHIPAA offers OfficeSafe – a platform that streamlines HIPAA compliance in an all-in-one package for medical practices nationwide.


There are a number of challenges that work against medical practices to stay compliant within guidelines:

  • Staff and physicians are often tasked with day-to-day operations of a healthcare facility in addition to supervising HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance in every facet of doing business.
  • Medical practices need to keep costs down to stay competitive. However, outside consultations and constant upkeep of operations to stay compliant may lead to cost-cutting measures to stay profitable – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Comprehensive coverage is a better alternative than in-house coverage or by using multiple compliance measures (ex. one solution for each vs. all-in-one package). Individual vendors that address each compliance measure may have compatibility issues – such as proprietary software – exacerbating issues instead of resolving them.

The following PCIHIPAA clients that have used OfficeSafe to launch their business while operating within compliance measures and implementing best-practices every step of the way (names withheld to protect anonymity):

Healthcare Practice #1: Grand Opening

Prior to a much-anticipated Grand Opening, the owner/physician was very concerned about being HIPAA/OSHA/PCI compliant from the beginning. She wanted to make sure her practice was doing everything correctly to successfully launch her business and for peace of mind. However, devising an in-house compliance system was found to be difficult due to a lack of clear guidelines and knowledge of relevant technology.

Healthcare Practice #2: Existing Business Data Transfer

A physician purchased a pre-existing practice from another physician. Because HIPAA has rules regarding transfer of ownership for patient data, the new owner had a lot of concerns about the transfer of HIPAA records and his responsibility vs. the former owner.


Here’s how OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA resolved compliance issues for our customers and streamlined the business aspects of each medical practice:

Healthcare Practice #1: Grand Opening

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PCIHIPAA was able to work with the owner/physician every step of the way prior to their Grand Opening. PCIHIPAA provided invaluable support and advice on every relevant topic (including non-HIPAA related issues related to opening a business).

In addition to providing HIPAA-related services, PCIHIPAA’s Tech Support team performed a full network scan for this client to make sure that everything from a technical standpoint was set up correctly before officially opening their doors to the public.

Healthcare Practice #2: Existing Business Data Transfer

PCIHIPAA provided the owner with all of the laws and processes related to the transfer of patient records.  This included a very important business measure, where the former physician/owner stayed on in a consultant role for a period of time after the sale to meet HIPAA requirements.

The following is a quote from the owner about the solutions provided by OfficeSafe and PCIHIPAA:

“We have been using OfficeSafe for years.  They have been so easy to work with for our practice’s HIPAA compliance and cyber- security.  And now with OfficeSafe OSHA, they can also help us with our OSHA requirements. We are excited to take care of HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance, on one platform, from one company.”


Trusted by thousands of medical and dental practices nationwide, OfficeSafe by PCIHIPAA helps keep your business compliant through its comprehensive scope. Simultaneously enabling HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI standards while providing a myriad of office support, OfficeSafe is the first-choice for practices to provide the best level of patient care. We provide you with solutions to help you easily keep protected health information private and secure.

To find out how your practice will become more efficient and effective, take your free HIPAA Risk Assessment or schedule a demonstration today.



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