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Cyber Threats

Case Study: OfficeSafe Protects Your Medical Practice from Cyber Threats and Liability Issues

Protecting your medical practice from cyber threats and unforeseen liability issues is something to be taken very seriously. According to the latest surveys, cybersecurity is top-of-mind for medical practices:

  • The cost of US healthcare ransomware attacks is estimated at $21 Billion in 2020 (Source: HIPAA Journal)
  • The Average ransomware payment per incident is currently $154,108 (Source: Coveware)
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error and oversight. (Source: Cybint)
  • Data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. (Source: RiskBased)

Challenges & Solutions

Most medical practices don’t have the in-house resources and expertise to deal with digital threats, such as viruses, data for ransom, copyright issues, and other potential threats. With the evolving digital landscape, medical practices need to bring their operation into alignment to avoid potential risks. 

Consider the following client that were affected by different threats and how PCIHIPAA was able to work directly with them to resolve all issues:

Case Study – Data for Ransom

Problem: A healthcare practice specializing in podiatry fell victim to a ransomware attack in March 2019. Due to their then-current systems, they were unable to assess the scope of the attack and whether their patients’ data was compromised.

If patient data was compromised, the practice would be required to go through a HIPAA audit, potentially shutting their doors until the problem was resolved. Additionally, the practice would be required to inform affected patients about the cyberattack if their data was compromised, ruining the trust and confidence built up over years of hard work and dedication.  

Solution: PCIHIPAA immediately worked with the practice’s IT resources to assist with a comprehensive data back-up restoration. After the Incident Response team initiated a forensics investigation into the affected server, it was determined that no PHI/ePHI (Protected Health Information/Electronic Protected Health Information) was accessed or corrupted by the hackers. This enabled the practice to resume work with confidence and peace of mind without damaging their hard-won reputation. 

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5-Star Review

“David was very patient as we did our office’s yearly Risk Assessment together and had several helpful hints for us. Several years ago, our computer system was hacked. We got an immediate response from PCIHIPAA including conference calls with as many as 10 individuals present at a time. They coordinated the “deep dive” into our system and found that no patient information was compromised. We were able to restore all of our ePHI and were back in business. [OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA] is DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONTHLY BILL TO HAVE THIS PEACE OF MIND! I can sleep through the night! Thank you!”

  • Review from client, 4/12/2021

* * *

OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA simplifies compliance and protect your medical practice from cyber threats in an all-in-one comprehensive package. The following are some of its most valuable features for healthcare providers:

    • Adaptability: OfficeSafe has the capability to help small practices and large enterprises for all of their needs.
    • Simplified Compliance: PCIHIPAA offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliance solution that removes the guesswork and constant revision of office policies. This includes such instances as audits by HHS (Health and Human Services) and Merchant Processing (PCI Compliance) with OfficeSafe Pay (a platform designed to save money on excessive credit card processing fees)
    • Responsive to Ongoing HIPAA/PCI/OSHA Updates: OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA is designed to help create internal policies and procedures according to HIPAA’s Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program
  • Ongoing IT/Network Support and Evaluation: PCIHIPAA provides a number of network and IT solutions, including:
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Email Encryption & Encrypted Cloud-Based Data Backup
  • Evolving Cybersecurity Measures: PCIHIPPA’s HIPAA compliance solution offers proper preparation that includes:
    • Data backup plan
    • Data restoration plan
    • Business associate management documentation (for ePHI security)
    • Emergency mode operations plan
    • Incident Management in accordance with the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule. 
  • Preventing Potential Liability Issues: PCIHIPAA offers $500,000 in Cyber Insurance Coverage, continual risk assessments, and streamlined staff training. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Monthly and annual rates are available that outperform other comparable HIPAA compliance solution on the market. 


As you can see, OfficeSafe from PCIHIPAA prevents catastrophic losses caused by regulatory non-compliance, data breaches, and human error. With the complexity of HIPAA compliance and other regulations, 1,000’s of medical practices nationwide use OfficeSafe to simplify their operations. By partnering with PCIHIPAA, physicians keep their systems protected, health information private, and ultimately get the peace of mind they deserve. Contact PCIHIPAA to learn more today

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