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Complimentary Resources for Central Coast Dental Society Members

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Central Coast Dental Society has sponsored the cost ($1,200 value) of your HIPAA Risk Assessment as they would like all their members to complete this annual Health and Human Services Requirement. It takes just 10-15 minutes!

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Risk Assessment Review

Schedule a review of your results and let our team of Senior Compliance Advisors walk you through your customized HIPAA Risk Report. It is imperative you learn what actions need to be taken to get your practice fully compliant!

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Certified HIPAA Officer training

Get 2 complimentary CE Credits and become your office’s HIPAA expert by completing your certified HIPAA Officer training.

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Is managing your practice’s compliance a headache? Make it simple with OfficeSafe 360. Central Coast Dental Society members get 60 days free.

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What people are saying about us

Stuart Pechter

Business Owner

This review is specifically related to the credit card processing service we have switched to, which is offered by PCIHIPAA. They pointed out major savings we could achieve by changing to their service. I further compared their offering to other processors, and at every turn, PCIHIPAA beat competing offers, and supplied us with superior front desk hardware. I must especially commendate Josh Stoll, who said "yes" to my every request along the way. I am not accustomed to such easy compliance and desire to satisfy the customer.

Crystal Rodriguez

Business Owner

Chareece is great and is always there when needed, always a pleasure when speaking with her! PCIHIPAA is the way to go- always on top of it, checking in, and have the best guidance you can ask for! It is very easy to navigate through the portal which is such a relief.

Levi Jurich

Business Owner

To date, both Cindy and Chareece have been extremely pleasant to work with as well as very helpful and informative.

Nicole Draxler


I'm new to working with PCIHIPAA and been very happy so far. Any questions I may have get answered very timely. Ashley has been a pleasure to work with!!

Joel Taatjes


Ashley has been the most helpful with any of our office needs! She is so prompt and professional and I am so happy to have her support through this process.

Debra Arnold


PCIHIPPA offers a wonderful product to manage compliance and training for HIPAA and OSHA. It is easy to use and provides many excellent tools and resources. Customer service is very helpful with rapid response and resolution of any problem. They also do a personalized live review to be sure you are maintaining compliance and are up to date on any changes or updates. Thank you Kevin T. for being so good to me!

Second Line Family Dentistry


We have recently begun to work with PCIHIPAA and have a great deal of confidence in the training program, guidance, and support provided. Jamie has been a wonderful resource, very knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Thank you!!

Francois Cyr


PCIHIPAA has been a great service for our private medical practice. I recommend you consider adding this team of services for your.

Michael Lozito


Our office enlisted the services of PCIHIPPA for the past 2 years and it was one of the smartest decisions we have made to stay in compliance with HIPPA and OSHA. As soon as we became their client we did our annual secure risk assessment which is required by MIPS and were able to work on our deficiencies to improve our score. Ashley V has been instrumental to our success with PCIHIPPA's program. She patiently trained me in using the program and has been able to answer any real world questions that have occurred in our daily operations that you can't find in a google search. I look forward to working with her and highly recommend this company.

Susan Haynes


I am very happy with PCIHIPAA! Lana has helped me conquer what I previously thought was impossible!! So grateful for her help and would recommend this company to anyone struggling to meet the insane compliance standards that are required!! A lifesaver!!!!!!!

Allis Cha


Great for yearly hipaa requirements and for new hires. All the material we need for training and compliance is in one place and we can track progress and keep record of it. A little pricey but I would say it's worth it.



Ashley has been the extremely helpful with all of our office needs! She is very professional and I am so happy to have her support through this process. She has helped with every thing that has come up, and gets back to us very prompt.

Holly Arnold


Ashley V. was so helpful and patient. She walked me through the steps to stay current and made it easy. The website is great, too. Thanks, Ashley!

First Street (Perfect Smile)


What a wonderful service! David Echeverria has been such a huge help and is very responsive. What a great feeling to know that our practice is very well taken care of.

Brandi Abbas


Ashley is always friendly and helpful. this is my first year working with PCIHIPPA and she has made it easy. I am very thankful for her patients and understanding.

Doreen Pona


Chareece was very good at explaining everything our office needed to do to be compliant. Went step by step and went through each document to make sure we understood everything. Highly recommend!

Chrissy Goddard


Our office has been with PCIHIPAA going on two years. Working with Ashley V has been a great experience she is very friendly and very professional. The business in it self is great way to keep me informed and up to date with anything HIPAA. Thank you, Chrissy Goddard

Natalie Strong


I am so thankful for all of the help and resources provided to our practice by PCIHIPAA. Our representative Chareece is a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. This is a great product and service!

Kelli Ellenbaum


We were assigned a great rep. She was great answering all our questions and helps us to be as compliant as we can be. We have appreciated this software for annual employee training.

Kurt Halum


It has been helpful having this service to ensure my practice remains HIPAA compliant. Their portal is user friendly and easy to navigate. Their customer service is great, so far no issues!

Karen at WSPDIC


We have worked with PCIHIPAA for quite a while now. Always on top of current information and full of information. Ashley has been so great and easy to communicate with. She is an asset to their company. Very reasonable monthly fee that is less than hiring someone to take on Hipaa. One of the best thing we did for the office. Karen



From day one, our PCIHIPAA Officer Jamie Overly, has been gone above and beyond in every aspect to help make the HIPAA/OSHA trainings for our staff as seamless as possible. She is reliable, professional, and always answers my questions in a timely manner. Jamie understands we are a busy office so she helped create a spreadsheet to track our staff's performance which has been working great! I appreciate her for being such a vital part of our compliance program and I look forward to working with her in the coming years!

Tammy Hoover


Ashley does a wonderful job explaining all the different modules and advantages of working with PCIHIPAA. She is very courteous and professional. Having PCIHIPAA gives you a peace of mind and makes employee training very easy. I highly recommend PCIHIPAA.

Nicole Eklund


Josh Stoll, Lana Johnson, and Carlos in Tech Support have all been amazing in our partnership with PCIHIPAA. Prior to PCIHIPPA we were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. The entire team is ready and willing to help at a moments notice. From the on-boarding process to the CC machine installs we have been happy. PCIHIPAA has also saved us money in OSHA trainings as well. I've very pleased to be able to have the hands on training at my fingertips for my new employees as well. Thank you PCIHIPAA. Keep in mind.. we started it right before the "pandemic" and everything still went smoothly!

Candy Barbosa


We have used PCIHIPAA for about 5 years. They have been very helpful in so many ways. It is easy to talk with someone, if I have to leave a message they get back to me very quickly. I have worked with Ashley many times and she is always friendly & knowledgeable and has always been able to answer a question or lead me in the right direction. Great company to work with.

Rebecca Ernesto


Our office enlisted the services of PCIHIPAA and they have been amazing! They give you comfort in knowing you have someone looking over your practice. Ashley in particular was SO helpful is always being available for questions and was great at walking you through everything their company offers. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting some extra protection and knowledge.

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