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Accept payments every way your customers want to pay

OfficeSafePay - Medical and Dental Credit Card Processing

Collect More. Pay Less.

Your Practice Needs Options

Converge is the flexible, secure payment solution you can count on to grow with your business. It’s software – based and helps you manage everything in one place, easily, and securely.

Make it Easy for Patients to Pay You Anytime.

​With OfficeSafe Pay you can easily setup a payment link on your website to make it easier for your patients to pay you.  All credit card information is tokenized and stored securely, so if you need to charge for patient cancellations, no shows, or  insurance shortfalls it’s just one click away.

OfficeSafe Pay-Medical Credit Card Payment Processing

Send Payment Reminders and Lower Accounts Receivables

With our encrypted and tokenization solutions, you can send invoices and get paid securely and immediately.  In addition, you can setup recurring or customized payment plans to reduce your accounts receivable quickly and efficiently.   

Accept every payment

Swipe, dip, or tap every credit card type. Even works with Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™

Mobile and web payments

Easily accept payments on your mobile device, PC or create a custom pay page so patients can pay you any time, any where.

Recurring and installment plans

If patients wish to setup recurring or customized payment plans, the software does the work for you.  It’s easy to setup, track and get paid timely.

Safe, secure and compliant

All data is encrypted, tokenized, and EMV certified.  Guaranteed annual PCI compliance certification.


I signed up with PCIHIPAA to help my practice with HIPAA compliance.  They reviewed my credit card processing statement and showed me how I was overpaying for PCI Fees, PCI Non-Compliance Fees and other credit card fees.  I decided to implement their Cash Discount Program.  I’m now collecting more cash payments and paying 0% on my credit card processing.  I’m saving $1,000’s per year.  I highly recommend PCIHIPAA for HIPAA Compliance and credit card processing solutions.  

David S. Frey DDS
Beverly Hills, CA

Other Payment Options

0% Credit Card Processing

There are new rules where you can keep 100% of what you charge patients.
Eliminate 100% of your credit card processing fees with our Cash Discount Program

EMV Compliant Processing

Protect yourself against non-EMV chargebacks and fraud.
As a healthcare provider you are entitled to “healthcare rates” or “0% rates.”

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