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Annual PCI
Certification Call


    As part of your PCIHIPAA compliance program, we are here to help you complete the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. We want to make this easy on you and your practice. By completing the form above we will work with you to complete your annual self assessment questionnaire and help answer any of your payment questions. Our PCI Compliance program also includes quarterly scans of your network. You can avoid additional PCI compliance charges from your current processor as well.

    In addition, as of October 1st your practice faces new credit card compliance requirements. You must be able to accept EMV chip technology or the liability for fraudulent transactions shifts from the bank to you.

    As a dedicated health care provider, you are eligible for a FREE upgraded device ($200 value) and lower processing rates. You can rest easy knowing your practice will be fully protected from the liability shift and you can start accepting EMV and NFC payments (like Apple Pay) all on one device.

    Schedule a convenient time for your PCI Compliance appointment.

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