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We are here to answer any questions you have during this process.

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Is PCIHIPAA an insurance broker?

No.  Because of our OfficeSafe compliance program and software, we’ve been able to secure a Master Cyber-Insurance policy that covers all of our clients.  PCIHIPAA does not sell insurance.  The coverage is included as part of your enrollment in OfficeSafe 360 or OfficeSafe HIPAA.

What is covered under the program? 

We have included a PDF of the coverage that includes all limits and sub-limits. 

Who is the insurance carrier?

Lloyd’s of London is the primary insurance carrier of the policy.  The policy is issued by an insurance syndicate of Lloyd’s of London. 

Why did my price increase? 

At PCIHIPAA we do everything possible to absorb program cost increases.  However, our cyber – insurance master policy premiums have increased by over $30 per month (per client).  The increase was attributed to the acceleration of ransomware attacks which led to increased insurance claims throughout the industry.

Did coverage limits change?

Yes.  As of March 15, 2021, per practice limits are changed to $250,000 (subject to additional sub-limits).  The reduction in policy limits was made in order to keep our price as low as possible, while continuing to provide the limits we felt necessary to protect your practice.  For clients that are utilizing the OfficeSafe compliance program, we have not seen losses of over $250,000 per incident, for practices that have experienced a ransomware attack or data breach.  We will continue to monitor all options with cost, coverage, and overall cyber-security risks in mind.

Can I purchase additional cyber – insurance through PCIHIPAA?

Technically no, since PCIHIPAA is not an insurance broker.  However, you may purchase additional coverage through Christine Marciano, Cyber Data Risk Managers LLC (732) 610-5344. 

Can I opt-out of the cyber-insurance portion of my OfficeSafe Compliance Program?

Yes.  You can opt-out of the cyber -insurance coverage.  However, PCIHIPAA recommends that all practices maintain cyber insurance.  Even with the premium increase, the coverage provided is much lower than purchasing a separate cyber-insurance policy.  Premiums have recently increased up to 50%.

Will my price increase every year?

At PCIHIPAA we do everything possible to absorb program cost increases.  The price increase in 2021 is directly due to the increase in cyber – insurance premiums.  This is only the second price increase PCIHIPAA has made since 2012.  As a reminder, your OfficeSafe 360 Compliance Program includes: Cyber- Insurance; unlimited user access to OfficeSafe; over 1,300 in continuing education credits; all policies and procedures; OSHA compliance and a $25,000 OSHA Audit Guarantee; 100GB of encrypted data backup; Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance; employee trainings and webinars; Identity Restoration Protection; and e-mail encryption. 

What are my obligations to receive the coverage?

You must be a current, billable PCIHIPAA client.  In addition, you must maintain:

1.     An active firewall configured at the network perimeter

2.     Anti-virus scanning software on ALL network workstations

3.     Network data back-ups stored offsite and updated at least once per week; and

4.     Multi-Factor Authentication for all remote access to owned networks or systems


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