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Employee HIPPA Training

HIPAA Employee Training Requirements

Training is an essential element to be HIPAA compliant, but you must make sure that your training program will protect your practice. HIPAA has fined individual practices up to $2.3 million in the last five years for: Careless Handling of PHI, Unauthorized Disclosure of PHI, and Impermissible Disclosure of ePHI. Most of these fines were a result of improper training. There are three employee training requirements that you can check to make sure the training program protects your practice and patients:


First, you must be able to prove that you can reproduce the content and can share it with health and human services. Your practice must also be able to verify that your training is up to date.


Another employee training requirements is that your practice also needs to prove that it has measured your team’s understanding of the training. Accountability is not only a requirement to stay HIPAA compliant, but a necessity to make sure your team knows how to protect patient information.

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Lastly, every member of your team must sign an acknowledgment form to show that they have received the necessary training and that they plan to abide by all of the requirements.

Most ransomware cases begin with attackers targeting uninformed users, so proper training is an essential safeguard against data breaches and HIPAA violations. Unfortunately, human error is bound to occur, but if your practice covers these three areas of employee training then your practice can possibly save itself from penalties.

For many practices implementation of training can be overwhelming, but PCIHIPAA can help simplify training implementation. PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe platform includes documents, videos, quizzes, and certificates so your practice can make sure that they are HIPAA compliant in a fun, low-stress way.

Call us today so PCIHIPAA can help you put these safeguards in place. We will help you ensure that if your team does make a mistake, your practice is protected from the massive penalties that may come.

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