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Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and EMV chip cards

OfficeSafePay - Medical and Dental Credit Card Processing

Collect More. Pay Less.

Medical and Dental Healthcare Credit Card Processing

Protecting your practice with EMV technology

Since 2015, all businesses are now required to become EMV compliant and accept chip technology. Still swiping? if so, you are more susceptible to a chargeback loss or an unsecured transaction.

Accept every payment

Swipe, dip, or tap every credit card type.  Even works with  Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet™

Save money

The OfficeSafe Pay program provides you with a free EMV terminal, no contract or termination fees,  no PCI Non – Compliance Fees, reduced medical processing rates or the ability to have 0% credit card processing fees through our Cash Discount Program.  OfficeSafe Pay saves practices $1,000’s of dollars per year.

Fast and secure payment technology

Designed for busy practices, the Ingenico iCT 250 is EMV compliant and can quickly run your credit card transactions.  Either through a high speed modem, or Ethernet connection, the backlit keypad and color LCD display makes transacting and menu navigation easy for your front office employees


I signed up with PCIHIPAA to help my practice with HIPAA compliance.  They reviewed my credit card processing statement and showed me how I was overpaying for PCI Fees, PCI Non-Compliance Fees and other credit card fees.  I decided to implement their Cash Discount Program.  I’m now collecting more cash payments and paying 0% on my credit card processing.  I’m saving $1,000’s per year.  I highly recommend PCIHIPAA for HIPAA Compliance and credit card processing solutions.  

David S. Frey DDS
Beverly Hills, CA

Other Payment Options

0% Credit Card Processing

There are new rules where you can keep 100% of what you charge patients.
Eliminate 100% of your credit card processing fees with our Cash Discount Program

In Office, Online, and On the Go

Many practices need to accept payments in the office, on the web, or on the go.
Our software flexes with your practice and helps you manage payments all in one place, easily, safely and securely.

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