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Recording, Testimonial - HIPAA Policies - Patient Authorization

HIPAA Compliance Reminder – Patient Authorizations

OCR reached HIPAA settlements of $999,000 with Boston Medical Center (BMC), Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for compromising patients’ PHI when they invited the “Boston Med” film crews on premises without first obtaining authorization from patients.

 According to the OCR guidance: “Health care providers cannot invite or allow media personnel, including film crews, into treatment or other areas of their facilities where patients’ PHI will be accessible in written, electronic, oral, or other visual or audio form, or otherwise make PHI accessible to the media, without prior written authorization from each individual who is or will be in the area or whose PHI otherwise will be accessible to the media.

What this means for your practice:
If you are creating any type of media, that includes patients’ PHI, for your website, Facebook page, or for any other promotional purposes, make sure you receive prior written authorizations before you go live.
Patient authorizations can easily be executed within OfficeSafe. 

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