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OfficeSafe University is your one-stop-shop for compliance training

Start the New Year with our OfficeSafe University, compliance training! All of the HIPAA Education & OSHA training your practice needs to be compliant is found in one place!

Not only does OfficeSafe University include OSHA and HIPAA training, but PCIHIPAA has expanded its continuing education! These webinars will deliver CE accredited content for dentists on demand. This makes OfficeSafe the one-stop-shop for comprehensive compliance, also including PCI, HIPAA, and OSHA.

The new CE in OfficeSafe University compliance training comes from a partnership with Viva Learning, an online continuing education platform that delivers CE accredited content. The webinars are approved by the American dental association and include 1300 hours of webinars for dental practices.

The ongoing threat of COVID-19 has emphasized the need for practices to be compliant. Dentists need CE credit units to renew their licenses. The pandemic has made it increasingly harder to sign up for conferences, where they can obtain this credit. OfficeSafe users will no longer have to register for conferences or online webinars to get CE credit since online Dental CE accredited webinars will now be integrated into the OfficeSafe platform.

Accessing this information. Takes three easy steps:

Step 1: Go to your new OFFICESAFE UNIVERSITY located right above SETTINGS.

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Step 2: Click ACCESS, to open a new tab with over 1,300 ADA CERP Education (CE) credits.

Step 3: Select your training from the multimedia online library, which includes on-demand & live webinars, product videos, and podcasts. New content is also added weekly.

Many practices buy a HIPAA manual that collects dust on the shelf. Not only is this method inefficient and unorganized, but it also fails to allow any time, anywhere access. The pandemic and the remote working renewed emphasis on OSHA and HIPAA planning and training. Our OfficeSafe University will allow your practice to find all of its OSHA, HIPAA, and Dental CE training in one place with easy online access.

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