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PCIHIPAA Establishes a $10,000 Fund to Assist Employees in Need

The Santa Monica based HIPAA compliance company encourages other businesses to join the movement to help unpaid government employees

Our company wants to help those in serious need, so we decided to establish a Shutdown Fund”— Jeff Broudy CEO of PCIHIPAA

As the government shutdown enters its 20th day, approximately 380,000 federal employees are furloughed. They are not allowed to go to work and are not being paid. There’s another 420,000 employees working in essential positions and are required to continue working without pay. It is nearly impossible to nail down a specific number of how many federal contract employees are impacted by this shutdown, however according to the New York Times, employees are impacted in every state.

PCIHIPAA, a HIPAA compliance company based in Santa Monica, California has decided to help. They’ve announced a $10,000 Shutdown Fund to help employees that have not, and will not get paid because of the government shutdown. “Innocent people are being harmed. It’s not right, and it’s not the American way. Our company wants to help those in serious need, so we decided to establish a Shutdown Fund.” says Jeff Broudy, CEO.

To qualify for assistance you have to be a government employee that is currently not being paid because of the shutdown. For those that want to learn more, visit

It’s been reported that TSA employees received their last paycheck on Dec. 28. Many TSA workers and other governmental employees live paycheck to paycheck. Missing just one paycheck can create immense pressure. According to Joe Shuker, Regional Vice President, TSA Employee Union, “Many workers will have to choose between the cost of getting to their job at the airport and covering everyday living expenses.” In addition, the US Department of Agriculture announced that funding for food stamps and subsidized school lunches for poor children would run out within a month or two. These programs all help poor families and students buy groceries and school lunches. For now, people who rely on these programs can still use them.

Broudy adds, “I’d like to encourage all businesses to try and help the workers that help us. Maybe you can establish your own fund, or you can pile on to PCIHIPAA’s. We can join forces to do something good during a bad situation.”

Go to to learn more.

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About the Government Shutdown:
Really? Why? Innocent people getting hurt because of politics. End it now. If you need help, go to

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