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Hippa & Osha Compliance

PCIHIPAA’s Incident Response Team

When a breach happens it is important to have a plan in place. Most practices only think to call their IT provider when a data breach occurs, but these providers are not responsible for executing breach notification laws on your practice’s behalf nor are they responsible for notifying patients if data was compromised. PCIHIPAA’s incident response team should be your practice’s first call in the unfortunate case of a data breach. We will handle the data breach confidentiality while charting the proper course of action for your practice.

Our dedicated incident response team includes lawyers, IT forensic investigators, and forensic accountants. The incident response team will execute all steps of a response so your team can get on with your day to day activities while we clean up the incident.

We have 5 steps for your comprehensive data breach recovery process, to make sure if a breach does occur your practice is prepared. First, your practice reports the incident to us, then your practice will be assigned a response team. The incident response team will conduct a forensic investigation, deal with ongoing incident management, and execute HIPAA breach resolution protocols.

Not only does a breach cause a time burden, but it can also cause a financial burden. In addition to the incident response team, PCIHIPAA makes sure you are financially covered in the case of a breach with our $250,000 Cyber Breach Liability policy. This coverage includes HIPAA and PCI Fines, Ransom Fees, Forensic Investigation, Business Losses, HIPAA Breach Notification Costs, Network Security Losses, or Legal Fees.

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Our team works to ensure the best outcome for your practice. Call us today so we can help you prepare a plan to protect your practice.

Listen to our  Director of Practice Solutions Danielle McKinley to learn more about how our Incident Response Team helps you during a data breach.


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