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T-Mobile Hacked: Protect Yourself from a Data Breach

On August 20th 2018, T-Mobile announced that hackers gained access to personal identifiable information of over 2 million users. In fact, your information has probably already been stolen.  According to CSO online, here are other major data breaches:

Equifax – 143 million

Adult Friend Finder – 412 million

Anthem – 78 million

Ebay – 145 million

Home Depot – 56 million

Data breaches are not going to stop.  Here are steps you can take today:

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1) Get a free copy of your credit report.
You are entitled to receive a free copy once per year.  You can get this by going to

2) Monitor your credit.
This is offered for free by Credit Wise by Capital One.

3) 1 Year of Free Identity Theft Restoration Services.
If you are a healthcare provider, PCIHIPAA will provide free ID restoration services for you or your family.


PCIHIPAA improves the lives of healthcare providers by removing the uncertainty surrounding compliance, payment processing, and data breaches.  For any doctor or dentist that feels they might fall victim to identity theft because of the T-Mobile breach or any of the other recent data breaches, PCIHIPAA will provide you and your family with 1 year of free ID restoration services.

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if our information will be stolen, it is a matter of when.  Hopefully this helps you become more proactive and less reactive to the T-Mobile and other breaches.

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