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The 6 Human Needs – Tony Robbins

In the course, Tony identifies, The 6 Human Needs.  The first four are fundamental needs that all humans possess at different levels of importance.  The other two are spiritual needs that are the secrets to human fulfillment.


Fundamental Needs:

  1. Certainty (Comfort): I need to know I have a secure job; and a spare bottle of tequila in case the Dodgers have another 6-game losing streak.
  2. Uncertainty (Variety): I need a variety of different stimuli to keep me happy, engaged, and living. I can go for a hike, but what about hang gliding?
  3. Significance: I need to feel special, unique, and important. Thank you for commenting on this blog.  Your kind words fill my need of significance.
  4. Love/Connection: I need to feel connected to someone or something.  I loved my blanky for way to long.  I may have taken it to college.


Spiritual Needs:

  1. Growth: I need to feel like I am growing.  Not my weight, but my purpose and capacities.  Attending Tony’s Business Mastery course helped feed my spiritual need to develop professionally (and grow).
  2. Contribution: I need to contribute to others. PCIHIPAA gives back by supporting a variety of organizations that make the world a better place.


 Human needs drive behaviors and define why people do the things they do.  Think about your family, your friends, your customers.  What are their fundamental and spiritual needs?  How do they act to fulfill those needs?  Sometimes their actions may appear positive, and sometimes may be negatively demonstrated.  For example, if you have children, you might see the youngest child behave differently to demonstrate their need to feel significant.  Maybe they’ll wear clothes with their name on it so you remember who they are.


I have 2 children and one wears clothes with other people’s names on them.


Here’s the cool thing.  When you start thinking about people’s needs, you gain valuable insights; and relationships improve.  At PCIHIPAA, many of our client’s needs are certainty.  For example:


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What do I need to do to train my employees on HIPAA?

How do I know that we are not doing or saying anything illegal?

What do I need to do if I experience a data breach or ransomware attack?


We receive these questions all the time.  And they all scream “I need certainty.”  Before I attended Tony’s course I didn’t digest what our customer’s questions “really” meant.  We would just answer them.  However, now everyone at PCIHIPAA knows that customer questions are insights into human needs.  Insights into telling us what problems we need to solve.  Insights into fulfilling unmet needs in ways we never imagined before.  How exciting, right?


Recently, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about hacking and ransomware attacks.  Our client’s data is under attack.  Actually, all private information is under attack.  If you don’t believe me, here’s a recent article from Cyber Security Hub.  Medical records and other private information are being sold for up to $1,000 on the dark web.

Unfortunately, a hacker’s needs are certainty and significance.  They need to find ways to pay their bills (illegally); and by developing strategies to steal data, it makes them feel important.  Recognizing our client’s needs led us to create Fighting Ransomware.

It’s a video and a list of steps to become certain you are doing everything you can to protect your business and your reputation.  However, if uncertainty is your thing, that’s also ok.  However, uncertainty about how you treat the privacy and security of your client’s data, is not a winning strategy.


Everyone has needs.  Being able to recognize The 6 Human Needs will help you develop solutions for your clients, and bring more smiles from your friends, family and co-workers.  Practice identifying The 6 Human Needs with people you know.  Use questions to identify which of The 6 Human Needs are most important to them.  It’s a fun exercise and you’ll gain key insights into improving your practice, your business, and your key relationships.  I hope this helps.  I need a Significant snack.

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