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Become a Certified
HIPAA Officer

Course Benefits

2 hours of action – oriented, interactive, micro-learning

100% online course with learning collateral approved for 2 CE Units

Become a Certified
HIPAA Officer

Learn at your own pace
and schedule

Learn on the Go!
This certification can be taken on your smartphone.

You can pause and resume
at any time

HIPPA Risk Assessment- Certified HIPPA Complaince

Course Outline

  • Module 1: HIPAA Basic Terms and Requirements
  • Module 2: The HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Module 3: The HIPAA Security Rule
  • Module 4: The HIPAA Breach Notification Rule
  • Includes videos, quizzes, and interactive games to fully enhance the learning experience.

Course Duration

  • Average completion time: 1.5 hours.
  • Average duration of each module: 20-30 minutes.
  • Designed for asynchronous. self-paced learning.

Course Description

  • This training is divided into four (4) modules based on the HIPAA, Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.
  • Each module utilizes an action-oriented approach, which provides the learner with a real and interactive micro-learning experience that is completely learner-centric.
  • To progress through each module, learners are required to actively complete tasks, display understanding of content, and complete challenge quizzes.

Certification Exam

  • Learners must successfully complete all four levels of challenges to obtain Certified HIPAA Officer credentials
  • Certified HIPAA Officers are able to receive 2 CE units and a CE Course Attendance Certificate

Who Should Take The HIPAA Certification Course?

This training is ideal for dentists and employees who have access to protected health information (PHI). 

Course Learning Objectives

From this Certified HIPAA Officer training, you will learn the following:

  • Identify critical HIPAA regulation requirements.
  • How to adhere to the federally mandated HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification Rules.
  • Ways to mitigate your risks from civil and criminal fines resulting from  HIPAA non – compliance.
  • Strategies and safeguards to keep protected health information (PHI) private and secure.
  • Why a Security Risk Assessment is critical, and how to identify key vulnerabilities in your practice or business.
  • Ability to review and/or download key HIPAA resources and job aids that help accelerate compliance.
  • What critical actions to take when a suspected HIPAA violation or data breach occurs.
  • How to protect your reputation by developing a culture of compliance and implementing key privacy and confidentiality initiatives.
  • Ideas of how to best train other workforce members.
  • …and a whole lot more.


After taking the free online HIPAA Risk Assessment offered by AAOMS, I realized our practice could use help with our information security needs. Our practice signed up with OfficeSafe by PCIHIPAA through AAOMS in August 2016. The staff is so helpful and friendly and I finally feel that our practice is on the right path toward being compliant. OfficeSafe has put together binders along with the online portal to help guide us to our way of compliance. All of the policies are prepared in addition to any forms we may need. Using the online videos for our employee meeting made the employees feel well informed. The stress of not having to worry if we are compliant is so worth it. I highly recommend the PCIHIPAA program to help with your office HIPAA and security obstacles.

Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

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